Shoji - Meet who you need to meet

Meet Who You Need to Meet

Amazing people are all around. Find them with Shoji.



Imagine a world where you no longer are just defined by what you look like or how you dress but by what you’ve actually experienced. Shoji creates a digital billboard above everyone - decide what you want yours to say.

Because you're more than just a photo

We each have a unique story, personal interests, hobbies
and life experiences. Let people know exactly who you are,
what you need and how you can help others.

F@*! swipes.

Help or be helped

We don’t advocate turning a blind eye towards
those that need help. So help those who need it.

Or put out a Pulse so that they can help you.
You’ll be surprised how quickly people respond.

Meet Who You Need to Meet

The people that can help or make a difference.
With Shoji, you can find that person.
People just need to know you are looking for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Start chatting.

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